The service currently works within Tallinn

Now you can send parcels using the Forus app. If, for example, a child left the keys at home, a colleague needs to send a product sample quickly, or you want to pick up your parcel from a parcel machine, Forus Delivery service can help you now do all of this.

The Delivery service drivers do not take the parcels to the door

Our drivers deliver the parcels to the agreed location, but the recipient must always meet it. If you want the parcel to be delivered to the door of the recipient, you need to write additional information about it in a comment and agree on the price with the driver.

What parcels can be sent with the Delivery service?

Delivery parcel taxis can deliver parcels that fit comfortably in the trunk or a cabin of the car and must not be heavier than 15 kg.

What is prohibited to be sent with the Delivery service?

All dangerous shipments are prohibited. The package of the parcel must be clean and not damage the interior of the car. It is forbidden to send illegal items and the value of the parcel must not exceed €300. If the parcel does not meet the conditions, the driver has the right to refuse to deliver it. You can see a more detailed list of prohibited shipments in the general terms and conditions.

How the Delivery service works:

It’s as easy as ordering a taxi, only a few things you should pay attention to. Open the Forus app.

  1. Select the Delivery category button from the Forus services and click on it.
  2. Choose the pickup and destination locations and write the necessary additional information. Add the recipient’s contact information so that the driver can get in touch easily if necessary.
  3. Submit the order to the drivers. The parcel Delivery has the same price level as the Standard category. At the same time, it is possible for the drivers to accept the order at this price or to make their counteroffer (for example, if, in addition to parcel Delivery, you want the driver to pick up your shipment from the parcel machine, our partners may request an additional fee for this).
  4. When the driver confirms the order, the Delivery taxi immediately starts moving to the pickup location. Share the route of the parcel with the recipient of the parcel to be ready in time to receive the parcel. The driver usually brings the package from the pickup point to the selected destination. The recipient must meet the delivery, unless otherwise agreed with the driver.
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