We believe in a partnership, where everyone wins


For us, a business client is a partner.

A partner, with whom cooperation is not limited to a monthly invoice, but with whom we grow together and become better and more successful every day. A legitimate question may arise, how can we become more successful together? With every ride, our business client gets a share of the Forus app. Simply by using our platform for your company’s taxi rides, we give you a piece of the company every time you order a car from us. Each order also increases the value of the platform, and thus we become more successful together. In the Forus app, you can always talk to a real person, in case you need new functionality in our business client environment, your gloves were left in our car, or any other question arises.

We believe that together we are more successful. We believe that every owner who uses our platform treats our service differently, provides substantive and forward-moving feedback when needed, because this way we grow together. Contact us and become an owner of the platform, which is owned by its users.

Our partners value

Becoming an owner

Every ride gives you a micro-share in Forus Taxi.


Fix prices and plan your expenses.

Choices in one app

Most affordable for weekdays, highest quality cars for events and important guests.


Trained and professional drivers.

Human service

A real person answers the number 1200.

Easy to start

Leave us your details

We will contact you and listen to your needs.

We make you a personalized offer.

We always find solutions and start detailed cooperation.

Leave your contact and you’ll be a business partner within 24 hours

We make you a personalized offer according to your team’s needs:

  • For every ride, you get a part of Urmas Sõõrumaa’s company.
  • Unique kilometer-based offer in the Estonian market.
  • Special offer for the entire year of 2024.

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